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item name Part Number Qty. Brand Description Condition Price Item # Stock
02K6543 02K6543 20 16V 3.36A AC ADAPTER IBM Refurb Call HTFI282 Yes
0950-3796 0950-3796 5 19V / 3160MA AC/DC ADAPTER 0950-3796 Refurb Call HTFI747 Yes
0950-3807 0950-3807 19 18V 2.23A AC/DC ADAPTER HP Refurb Call HTFI323 Yes
0G9438 0G9438 166 MOLEX DMS-59 DUAL VGA ViIDEO SPLITER CABLE 0G9438 Refurb Call HTFI825 Yes
104PW161 104PW161 203 INVERTER NEC 104PW161 Refurb Call HTFI367 Yes
104PWBR1 104PWBR1 443 INVERTER NEC 104PWBR1 Refurb Call HTFI366 Yes
10999884 10999884 62 MAXTOR SATA/150 PCI CARD IO CONTROLLERS Refurb Call HTFI689 Yes
11J8627 11J8627 1 19VDC 2.4A NOTEBOOK IBM THINKPAD PN 11J8627 Refurb Call HTFI141 Yes
151B 151B 1 MONITOR 15" LCD (TESTED) SAMSUNG 151B BEIGE Refurb Call HTFI1459 Yes
1598 1598 35 USB ZOOM WEBCAM Refurb Call HTFI126 Yes