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Services – Excess & Consignment

HTFI's ability to procure high-quality products for our clients is based in our comprehensive excess inventory program. Every one of our clients has factory original excess inventory that they no longer have the need for. Manufacturer's excess is usually brand new and often has a warranty. We market this inventory for our clients, helping to not only get it off their shelves and their books, but also bringing authentic product to market that wouldn't otherwise be available.

Our core competency is maximizing return for our clients. We offer our clients line by line, lot bid, open book split percentage contracts or can customize the arrangement based on individual needs.

Managed Excess Program
For our clients who wish to hold their inventory in-house: Client provides complete inventory list and we in turn market the material throughout our network of worldwide distribution channel partners.

Consignment Program
For clients who do not wish to hold their inventory in-house: Inventory is stored and managed at our secure and insured warehouse. All material is inspected and documented per our quality control requirements. Date codes will be obtained from each part and packaging will be noted along with other material receipt information.

We manage all administrative duties associated with the sale, testing, logging, shipping, and handling of product.

A set split percentage of gross profit from sales is established in advance. Client may set a minimum sales price for each item.