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Services – value added services

HTFI's clients choose from a menu of value added services to customize their orders and maximize returns.

Our sales representatives are trained to work with each client to fully understand their needs and to identify services that would benefit them the most.

Services offered include:

  • • Bonded inventory program
  • • Consignment and Excess Programs
  • • Cost reductions via OEM/CM excess
  • • Emergency sourcing for production shortages
  • • Live Chat for instant quotes and stock checks
  • • Kitting
  • • Testing
  • • Custom bar coding
  • • Stripping and re-dipping
  • • Bake and sealing
  • • Tape and reeling
  • • Coplanarity testing and Lead forming
  • • Up-screening
  • • Blind drop shipments
  • • Email invoicing and Tracking information
  • • Order scheduling
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